ESG principles are embedded in our organizational DNA.

Austin Gold commits to conduct all our activities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and will fully comply with, or exceed, the reclamation requirements of all Federal, State, and local laws.

For our exploration activities we may create temporary roads and drill sites that are allowed by Federal and State agencies through a permitting process. Once the agencies involved have reviewed and approved our proposed plans, we post a reclamation bond with that agency that will pay for fully reclaiming the disturbances we make. This bond requirement ensures that the reclamation can be conducted by the agency in the event the exploration company does not do it. Austin commits to doing all the reclamation faithfully and properly.

Once we have conducted our exploration and are through using these permitted disturbances, we return the land to its pre-disturbance state by hiring contractors that specialize in doing this type of reclamation. The reclamation process includes raking the ground and seeding with indigenous species of plants as determined by the agency. When the growth from the seeding has proved to be successful, the agency will approve and sign-off on our reclamation.

If we develop a mineral deposit ourselves, the Austin team has the expertise and experience to responsibly develop and mine the project, including reclamation.

Our team members have been directly involved in the establishment and implementation of corporate sustainability programs at other companies we have built. This includes maintaining positive relationships with neighbors, rigorous environmental stewardship and a high standard of health and safety, which benefits the jurisdictions, the Indigenous populations, and the surrounding communities.

One of our Directors, Barbara Filas, is internationally recognized in the mining sector in the disciplines of management, environmental and social responsibility, and sustainability and has recently written a paper titled “Responsible Environmental, Social, and Governance in Mining”. As Chair of our Environmental, Health and Safety Committee, Ms. Filas completed an ESG audit of Austin Gold Corp. to inform the other Austin Gold Directors of the status and appropriateness of the Company’s current ESG practices. Acting as an independent Director, she received no compensation to perform the audit, which was based on a review of the Company’s structure, governance, and the site-specific conditions of its active exploration prospects that were observed in August of 2023. Her conclusion is that “…Austin Gold Corp. is conforming to good ESG practices for the mining industry.”

Sustainability is inherent to the way we do business at Austin Gold.

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